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Hotels design

Nir Yefet interior design studio, specializes in Hotel design among allother fields we touch.

We accompany hotels in the construction process, starting from the concept, through the process stages until the completion of the works and the opening of the hotel.

The firm's accompanying process, including the establishment of professional consultant teams, as required for hotel planning and design and in accordance with the project. 

Designing and planning practical, innovative hotels, which will also be as easy to operate and maintain as possible along with a unique experience for the guest.

The approach of our design and planning,  is refined and tangible and faithful to the story of the hotel we are designing.

Hotel design is an art of in-depth thinking that places emphasis on the guest experience, on careful planning,

Selection of high-quality and durable finishing materials, planning and design of lighting and other important parameters,

which together will provide a pampering hospitality experience to the hotel's guests.

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