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Nir Yefet, 44, Interior designer and Product designer, owner of Nir Yefet interior design studio, since 2008.

The Studio is renowned for creating unique "blends that work," simple or sophisticated interior designs that produce spaces both useful and pleasing to the eye, with a timeless appeal.

Full functionality and aesthetic appeal are the guiding principles behind each of our interior and architectural projects. Light and lighting, play a key role in all our designs, creating a variety of atmospheres throughout the day into the night.

The outer environment is always given consideration and, whenever possible, incorporated into the space.


We aim to raise the mundane to the spectacular, creating synergetic interiors - whilst keeping the end user in mind throughout the planning process.

Nir Yefet interior design studio, specializes in Residential design, Hotel design, Office design and Commercial projects design. Each of our projects gets its own touch and design, inspired by users and visitors of the space,  the surrounding area, according to client targets and budget.

"We create places, PEOPLE ENJOY being in".

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