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Hotel design

Our office provides a design service for hotels, restaurants and vacation apartments, while constantly following and following the world of hotels.

Our approach to hotel design is refined and tangible and faithful to the story of the hotel we design,

Whether it is a hotel under construction or an existing hotel that needs to refreshed or redesig, in order to meet the growing competition in the hotel world.

Competition, which is increasing due to new hotels being built these days and with the state of the room shortage in Israel, probably won't stop either.

The competition with AIRBNB apartments, which created a new alternative for tourists, takes a significant share among the existing hotels, So much that large hotel chains in Israel and around the world are already starting to set up AIRBNB apartments.

Hotel design specialist i srequired in Israel and around the world  for any new hotel about to be build and also for old hotels,

which are way behind the new upcoming and existing new hotels. 

In our hotel design process, we think first and foremost about the guest and what will be his experience during his stay at the hotel.

The experience is born during our planning and design process and will always be connected to the story of the hotel, the environment and more.

Hotel design process, accompanied by in-depth thinking,   which places emphasis on the guest experience,

for careful planning, selection of high-quality and durable finishing materials, Lightind design and other important parameters

which all together provide a unique hospitality experience for the hotel's guest.

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