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Restaurant designer

Restaurant design and planning

Studio Nir Yafet, specializes in the design and planning of restaurants, cafes, bars and commercial spaces.


The firm has been designing and planning restaurants for over a decade while making sure of professional planning, total interior design,  

Accompanying and establishing restaurants, bars and cafes in Israel. 

The office fully designs and plans the place and builds a concept adapted to the design and atmosphere desired in the place

and closely accompanies the entire construction process.

Nir has a past experience of 10 years in which he worked and managed restaurants and bars, and from this also comes real experience in the field, which is a significant advantage of knowledge and practice in planning and designing restaurants, bars and cafes.

The firm designs unique restaurants while optimally matching the client's budget and combines high planning capabilities for planning and dividing areas,

Interior design adapted to the character of the place and the target audience.

The office carries out full planning and interior design and accompanies the entire construction or renovation process until the perfect finish and receiving the key.

Service areas: the whole country

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