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Hotel interior design

Nir Yefet provides interior design services for hotels, hostels and vacation apartments, while constantly monitoring and following the world of hotels.

Our approach to hotel design is refined and tangible and faithful to the story of the hotel we are designing, whether it is a hotel under construction or an existing hotel in need of refreshing and redesigning in order to meet the growing competition in the hotel world.

In the process  of designing and planning a hotel, we think first and foremost about the guests and what will be the experience we want to create for them,

The experience is born during our planning and design process and will always be related to the story of the hotel, the environment, the target audience and more.

Hotel interior design work includes in-depth thinking that places emphasis on the guest experience, on careful planning, selection of high-quality and durable finishing materials, lighting planning and design and other important parameters, which together will provide a pampering hospitality experience to the hotel guest.

The firm designs and plans hotel extensions, new hotels under construction and redesign of existing hotels while accompanying the project from start to finish

Until a perfect finish.

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