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Contractor apartment design

Studio Nir Yafet provides buyers of contractor apartments, a wide variety of services and options for designing and upgrading a contractor apartment.

Most of the time, the office provides a full interior design service, priced for an entire project. Since the design of a contractor's apartment is built in stages, according to the progress of the project, the flexibility of the contractor in the purchase agreement and the conditions.

According to the stages of construction, the contractor will summon you and ask you to submit changes to the plan, which you wish to make, while setting a maximum deadline for submission, after which no changes will be made, or the cost of the changes will be higher, or only after receiving the apartment.

The changes include, among others, a change in planning, moving walls, moving plumbing, electricity, adding infrastructure, kitchen planning, and more.

In a more advanced stage, you will have to choose the finishing materials such as flooring, coverings, sanitary ware, etc., at this time you will also have to see the contractor's options and decide if you choose from the options given to you, or if you want to request a credit and purchase other products, according to what you want and are not available in the contractor's options .


Our firm provides buyers apartment from a contractor,  consulting meetings at an hourly rate, for each topic requested during the project stages and in the time required to carry them out.

We look at your project on a comprehensive and detailed level, which takes into account the budget you have after purchasing the apartment.

The budget should include among other things the kitchen, marble and accessories for the kitchen, changes, additions, purchase of furniture and lighting, electrical appliances and more that you must purchase for the apartment.


Our _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ consultation helps you leave a budget for the apartment furnishing phase and be in control and not an exception.  We take care to stabilize and utilize your budget correctly during the stages of changes and choices, looking to the future and if possible to bring about savings significant.

What do you get in the counseling process in the first stage ?

  • Program review

  • Suggestions for changes

  • Preparation of change plans - construction and infrastructure

  • Coordinating plans with the project's change architect

  • Accompanying the process until the approval of the plans and the updating of the apartment in the project

  • Accompanying the selection of final materials

  • You can also hire full interior design services 

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