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Holiday apartment design

The hotel industry in Israel and around the world has changed its face for several years now with the entry of Airbnb apartments into the hotel industry

And so a refreshing competition entered the world of hotels in Israel and around the world.

Hotels are now supposed to deal with  vacation apartments, intended exclusively for rent or even apartments of private individuals, who rent out their apartment from time to time and thus create additional income for themselves, or finance their trips and vacations with this method.

The design of holiday apartments is therefore multifaceted and every tourist can find for himself almost anywhere in the world, an apartment that suits his personal style, a larger space than a hotel room, good locations, attractive prices and many other advantages that he is looking for and can also find.

Together with our occupation in the field of hotels in the design and planning of hotels and as those who experience the industry every day,

We research and follow closely and constantly the leading trends in the world, in hotel design,

We carry out in-depth research on target audiences and the different generations of travelers.


The firm designs and plans currently hotels and hotel-level vacation apartments.

The process of designing a standard vacation apartment begins together with the owner of the apartment or the developer of building apartments intended for rent on the basis of Airbnb and together we determine the income goals from each vacation apartment,

We check the budget for the construction of the project and from there we continue and design the apartment down to the furniture and the smallest details, along with accompanying the entire process

Until the perfect finalization of the project and putting the holiday apartment up for rent.

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